Antioxidant Vitamin C for the Skin Win!

March 1, 2019

Most of you may not know it, but one of my greatest passions has always been health and nutrition. My grandmother was the proud owner of Dena's Natural Way in downtown Manchester, a staple to the Elm st. scene for 20 plus years. I remember the long lunch lines of business professionals waiting for their tuna melts and "Dena Special" pockets. She was far beyond her time with her knowledge of vitamins and minerals, health and nutrition. I eagerly listened and learned in my childhood years as she preached about Acai Berry, Omega Fatty Acids and Vitamin C to name a few. "Feed your cells, not your emotions" she used to say. 


Fast forward to my adult years and all of her teachings have stuck right by me in all of my health/nutrition decisions. During skincare treatments with my clients I often discuss diet and vitamin regimens during the consultation process. One of the most important factors in skin health is diet. Vitamin C in your diet is just as important as its topical benefits. Listed below are my top 3

 greatest benefits of vitamin C to your body and the largest organ....the skin!



Vitamin C is a superhero supplement for the body and skin. It is found in supplement form as well as in  foods such as kale, pineapple, grapefruit and oranges. The body's immune function vastly improves with this antioxidant and according to New York dermatologist Marnie Nussbaum, MD, it is "one of the best anti aging ingredients for smoothing and evening out your complexion."



When Vitamin C is absorbed into your tissue through diet or supplement form, this antioxidant boosts the body's collagen synthesis. This will help to make your skin more plump and luminous. 



This superhero antioxidant is a real soldier that will protect your cells. It will reduce inflammation as well as prevent and repair UV damage by neutralizing free radicals. These cell damaging enemies are produced by our bodies when exposed to certain environments such as pollution and poor diet. Vitamin C will neutralize the effect that may present itself as dark spots or sagging skin.


There are many great vitamin C serums on the market that are great for lightening and brightening as well as tightening and rejuvenating. When applying your skincare products apply thinnest to thickest. First apply your serums, then moisturize and follow with an SPF! I always recommend that you schedule an appointment to speak with an Aesthetician or Dermatologist when beginning a new skincare regimen. 


Ref: Prescription for Natural Cures, James F Balch, MD; Health Magazine March 2019 Edition Article by Lisa DeSantis




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